Identification of the characteristics of motorcycle and scooter tyres in the presence of large variations in inflation pressure

  title={Identification of the characteristics of motorcycle and scooter tyres in the presence of large variations in inflation pressure},
  author={Vittore Cossalter and Alberto Doria and Enrico Giolo and Luca Taraborrelli and Matteo Massaro},
  journal={Vehicle System Dynamics},
  pages={1333 - 1354}
Stability and safety of road vehicles are largely affected by tyre properties. Single-track vehicles are characterised by weakly damped modes of vibration (weave and wobble) and therefore this phenomenon is even more important. This article focuses on the study of both steady-state and transient properties of motorcycle and scooter tyres in the presence of very low and very high inflation pressures. The steady-state properties are defined as lateral forces (side-slip and camber forces) and yaw… Expand
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Conditions for nose-over and front wheel lockup of electric bicycles
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  • 2016 11th France-Japan & 9th Europe-Asia Congress on Mechatronics (MECATRONICS) /17th International Conference on Research and Education in Mechatronics (REM)
  • 2016
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