Identification of the Worldwide Olive Germplasm Bank of Córdoba (Spain) using SSR and morphological markers

  title={Identification of the Worldwide Olive Germplasm Bank of C{\'o}rdoba (Spain) using SSR and morphological markers},
  author={Isabel Jimenez Trujillo and Maria A. Ojeda and Nieves Mart{\'i}n Urd{\'i}roz and Daniel Potter and Diego Barranco and Luis Rallo and Concepcion Mu{\~n}oz D{\'i}ez},
  journal={Tree Genetics & Genomes},
Olive is one of the most ancient crop plants and the World Olive Germplasm Bank of Cordoba (WOGBC), Spain, is one of the world’s largest collections of olive germplasm. We used 33 SSR (Simple Sequence Repeats) markers and 11 morphological characteristics of the endocarp to characterise, identify and authenticate 824 trees, representing 499 accessions from 21 countries of origin, from the WOGBC collection. The SSR markers exhibited high variability and information content. Of 332 cultivars… CONTINUE READING
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