Identification of the 64 kilodalton chloroplast stromal phosphoprotein as phosphoglucomutase.

  title={Identification of the 64 kilodalton chloroplast stromal phosphoprotein as phosphoglucomutase.},
  author={Michael E. Salvucci and Richard R. Drake and Kieran P. Broadbent and Boyd E. Haley and Krista R Hanson and Neil A. McHale},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={93 1},
Phosphorylation of the 64 kilodalton stromal phosphoprotein by incubation of pea (Pisum sativum) chloroplast extracts with [gamma-(32)P]ATP decreased in the presence of Glc-6-P and Glc-1,6-P(2), but was stimulated by glucose. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis following incubation of intact chloroplasts and stromal extracts with [gamma-(32)P]ATP, or incubation of stromal extracts and partially purified phosphoglucomutase (EC with [(32)P]Glc-1-P showed that the identical 64 kilodalton… CONTINUE READING
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Localization of a 64kDa phosphoprotein in the lumen between the outer and inner envelopes of pea chloroplasts

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