Identification of some cleavage sites of insulin by insulin proteinase.

  title={Identification of some cleavage sites of insulin by insulin proteinase.},
  author={Julie Davies and Alison Muir and Robin E. Offord},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={240 2},
In a previous study [Muir, Offord & Davies (1986) Biochem. J. 237, 631-637] the chromatographic and electrophoretic behaviour of a major labelled fragment in the degradation of tritiated insulins by insulin proteinase were used to locate the probable sites of cleavage which had produced this fragment. In order to define these cleavage sites more precisely, authentic markers for the fragments which would be produced by cleavages at, or adjacent to, the most likely sites have now been synthesized… CONTINUE READING

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