Identification of small molecule agonists of the motilin receptor.


High-throughput screening resulted in the identification of a series of novel motilin receptor agonists with relatively low molecular weights. The series originated from an array of biphenyl derivatives designed to target 7-transmembrane (7-TM) receptors. Further investigation of the structure-activity relationship within the series resulted in the identification of compound (22) as a potent and selective agonist at the motilin receptor.

DOI: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2008.10.071

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@article{Heightman2008IdentificationOS, title={Identification of small molecule agonists of the motilin receptor.}, author={Tom D Heightman and Elizabeth Conway and David F Corbett and Gregor J. Macdonald and Geoffrey Stemp and Susan M. Westaway and Paolo Celestini and Stefania Gagliardi and Mauro Riccaboni and Silvano Ronzoni and Kalindi S Vaidya and Sharon Butler and Fiona McKay and Alison I Muir and Ben Powney and Kim Y Winborn and Alan Wise and Emma M. Jarvie and Gareth J Sanger}, journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters}, year={2008}, volume={18 24}, pages={6423-8} }