Identification of single C motif-1/lymphotactin receptor XCR1.

  title={Identification of single C motif-1/lymphotactin receptor XCR1.},
  author={Teruhiko Yoshida and Toshio Imai and Mayumi Kakizaki and Mikio Nishimura and Shingo Takagi and Osamu Yoshie},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 26},
Single C motif-1 (SCM-1)/lymphotactin is a member of the chemokine superfamily, but retains only the 2nd and 4th of the four cysteine residues conserved in other chemokines. In humans, there are two highly homologous SCM-1 genes encoding SCM-1alpha and SCM-1beta with two amino acid substitutions. To identify a specific receptor for SCM-1 proteins, we produced recombinant SCM-1alpha and SCM-1beta by the baculovirus expression system and tested them on murine L1.2 cells stably expressing eight… CONTINUE READING


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