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Identification of resistance to stem nematode in sweet potato.

  title={Identification of resistance to stem nematode in sweet potato.},
  author={Q. M. Wang and C. Chang and J. J. Wang and G. Xi},
  journal={Crop Genetic Resources},
Nematode Problems in Sweet Potato and Their Management
Sweet potato is infested by root-knot and reinform nematodes. Root-knot nematode infestation in sweet potato is studied in detail. A number of resistant varieties are released in sweet potato fromExpand
Evaluation of nematode suppression and yield improvement potential of organic substances in sweet potato crop
Nematode management with synthetic products must be discouraged on grounds of mammalian toxicity and environmental degradation and the use of organic amendments should be encouraged for suppression of nematode population densities, improvement in yield and environmental friendliness. Expand