Identification of relaxin-3/INSL7 as a ligand for GPCR142.

  title={Identification of relaxin-3/INSL7 as a ligand for GPCR142.},
  author={Changlu Liu and Jingcai Chen and Steven W. Sutton and Barbara Roland and Chester Kuei and Niven Farmer and Rannar Sillard and Timothy W. Lovenberg},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 50},
We have recently identified the insulin-like peptide relaxin-3 (aka INSL7) as the endogenous ligand for an orphan G-protein-coupled receptor, GPCR135 (aka somatostatin- and angiotensin-like peptide receptor). Analysis of possible receptors related to GPCR135 revealed a single orphan receptor, GPCR142. Thus, we tested whether GPCR142 could also respond to relaxin-3 or related insulin-like molecules. Surprisingly, GPCR142 was activated by nanomolar concentrations of relaxin-3 but was completely… CONTINUE READING