Identification of regional mechanical anisotropy in soft tissue analogs.

  title={Identification of regional mechanical anisotropy in soft tissue analogs.},
  author={Ramesh Raghupathy and Colleen M. Witzenburg and Spencer P. Lake and Edward A Sander and Victor H. Barocas},
  journal={Journal of biomechanical engineering},
  volume={133 9},
In a previous work (Raghupathy and Barocas, 2010, "Generalized Anisotropic Inverse Mechanics for Soft Tissues,"J. Biomech. Eng., 132(8), pp. 081006), a generalized anisotropic inverse mechanics method applicable to soft tissues was presented and tested against simulated data. Here we demonstrate the ability of the method to identify regional differences in anisotropy from full-field displacements and boundary forces obtained from biaxial extension tests on soft tissue analogs. Tissue… CONTINUE READING