Identification of proteins interacting with Arabidopsis ACD11.

  title={Identification of proteins interacting with Arabidopsis ACD11.},
  author={Nikolaj H. T. Petersen and Jan Joensen and Lea Vig McKinney and Peter Brodersen and Morten Petersen and Daniel Hofius and John Mundy},
  journal={Journal of plant physiology},
  volume={166 6},
The Arabidopsis ACD11 gene encodes a sphingosine transfer protein and was identified by the accelerated cell death phenotype of the loss of function acd11 mutant, which exhibits heightened expression of genes involved in the disease resistance hypersensitive response (HR). We used ACD11 as bait in a yeast two-hybrid screen of an Arabidopsis cDNA library to identify ACD11 interacting proteins. One interactor identified is a protein of unknown function with an RNA recognition motif (RRM… CONTINUE READING


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