Identification of kinectin as a novel Behçet's disease autoantigen


There has been some evidence that Behçet's disease (BD) has a significant autoimmune component but the molecular identity of putative autoantigens has not been well characterized. In the initial analysis of the autoantibody profile in 39 Chinese BD patients, autoantibodies to cellular proteins were uncovered in 23% as determined by immunoblotting. We have… (More)


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@article{Lu2005IdentificationOK, title={Identification of kinectin as a novel Behçet's disease autoantigen}, author={Yu Lu and Ping Ye and Shun-le Chen and E M E S H Tan and Edward K L Chan}, journal={Arthritis Research & Therapy}, year={2005}, volume={7}, pages={R1133 - R1139} }