Identification of immunogenic and virulence-associated Campylobacter jejuni proteins.

  title={Identification of immunogenic and virulence-associated Campylobacter jejuni proteins.},
  author={Lene N\orby Nielsen and Thomas A Luijkx and Christina Skovgaard Vegge and Christina Kofoed Johnsen and Piet J. M. Nuijten and Brendan W. Wren and Hanne Ingmer and Karen Angeliki Krogfelt},
  journal={Clinical and vaccine immunology : CVI},
  volume={19 2},
With the aim of identifying proteins important for host interaction and virulence, we have screened an expression library of NCTC 11168 Campylobacter jejuni genes for highly immunogenic proteins. A commercial C. jejuni open reading frame (ORF) library consisting of more than 1,600 genes was transformed into the Escherichia coli expression strain BL21(DE3), resulting in 2,304 clones. This library was subsequently screened for immunogenic proteins using antibodies raised in rabbit against a… CONTINUE READING