Identification of human olfactory cleft mucus proteins using proteomic analysis.

  title={Identification of human olfactory cleft mucus proteins using proteomic analysis.},
  author={H{\'e}l{\`e}ne D{\'e}bat and Corinne Eloit and Florence Blon and Beno{\^i}t Sarazin and C{\'e}line Henry and J. Y. Huet and Didier Trotier and J. -C. Pernollet},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={6 5},
In humans, the olfactory epithelium is located in two narrow passages, the olfactory clefts, at the upper part of the nasal cavities. The olfactory epithelium is covered by a mucus layer which is essential for the function of the olfactory neurons that are directly connected with the brain through the cribriform plate. This anatomical weakness of the brain protection may be the source of infection. Little is known about the composition of this mucus in humans. Previous proteomic analyses have… CONTINUE READING
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