Identification of heparin-binding sites in midkine and their role in neurite-promotion.

  title={Identification of heparin-binding sites in midkine and their role in neurite-promotion.},
  author={Toshimasa Asai and Kazuhide Watanabe and Keiko Ichihara-Tanaka and Norio Kaneda and Shoudou Kojima and Akihisa Iguchi and Fuyuhiko Inagaki and Takashi Muramatsu},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={236 1},
Midkine (MK) is a heparin-binding growth factor, which promotes neurite outgrowth in embryonic neurons and enhances their survival. The three dimensional structure of MK clarified by NMR spectroscopy indicates that several basic amino acids are exposed on the surface of the C-terminal half domain, which retains heparin-binding and neurite-promoting activity. We performed site-directed mutagenesis of these amino acids, and found that mutation of arginine78 reduced the heparin-binding activity… CONTINUE READING

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