Identification of glucose-derived cross-linking sites in ribonuclease A.

  title={Identification of glucose-derived cross-linking sites in ribonuclease A.},
  author={Zhenyu Dai and Benlian Wang and Gang Sun and Xingjun Fan and Vernon E. Anderson and Vincent M. Monnier},
  journal={Journal of proteome research},
  volume={7 7},
The accumulation of glycation derived cross-links has been widely implicated in extracellular matrix damage in aging and diabetes, yet little information is available on the cross-linking sites in proteins and the intra- versus intermolecular character of cross-linking. Recently, glucosepane, a 7-membered heterocycle formed between lysine and arginine residues, has been found to be the single major cross-link known so far to accumulate during aging. As an approach toward identification of… CONTINUE READING


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