Identification of functional regions of the colicinogenic plasmid ColA

  title={Identification of functional regions of the colicinogenic plasmid ColA},
  author={Juliette Morlon and David Sherratt and Claude Lazdunski},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
ColA is a colicinogenic plasmid of 6.72 kb. It is compatible with ColE1 but not with ColK. Transposon insertion mutagenesis as well as complementation studies have been carried out to investigate the location of the various functional regions of this plasmid. Four independent ColA::Tn1 and one ColA::Tn3 plasmids were isolated and the locations of insertions were determined. From these plasmids, six different deletion mutants were constructed. In addition, various restriction fragments of ColA… CONTINUE READING