Identification of extracellular delta-catenin accumulation for prostate cancer detection.

  title={Identification of extracellular delta-catenin accumulation for prostate cancer detection.},
  author={Qun Lu and Jiao Zhang and Ron R. Allison and Hiram Gay and Wan-Xi Yang and Neil A. Bhowmick and Gloria Frelix and Scott Shappell and Yan-hua Chen},
  journal={The Prostate},
  volume={69 4},
BACKGROUND Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men, and early detection is essential to reduce mortality and increase survival. delta-Catenin is a unique beta-catenin superfamily protein primarily expressed in the brain but is upregulated in human prostatic adenocarcinomas. Despite its close correlation with the disease, it is unclear whether delta-catenin presents the potential in prostate cancer screening because it is an intracellular protein. In this study, we… CONTINUE READING


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