Identification of exocytotic membrane proteins in three rotifer species

  title={Identification of exocytotic membrane proteins in three rotifer species},
  author={Ignacio Alejandro P{\'e}rez-legaspi and Mar{\'i}a Del Rosar{\`i}o Montoya-Garcia and J Luis Quintanar and Eva Salinas and Roberto Rico-Mart{\'i}nez},
We confirmed the presence and expression of exocytotic membrane proteins: Syntaxin-1, Syntaxin-4, SNAP-23, and SNAP-25 in the rotifers Brachionus calyciflorus, Lecane quadridentata, and Philodina roseola. These proteins were identified by immunohistochemistry and immunoblot analysis using antibodies against Syntaxin-1, Syntaxin-4, SNAP-23, and SNAP-25. The presence of these proteins were observed mainly in regions of the nervous, reproductive, and glandular systems of these rotifer species… CONTINUE READING