Identification of element 107 byα correlation chains

  title={Identification of element 107 by$\alpha$ correlation chains},
  author={Gottfried M{\"u}nzenberg and S. Hofmann and Fritz Peter Hessberger and Willibrord Reisdorf and K. -H. Schmidt and J. R. H. Schneider and Peter Armbruster and C. C. Sahm and Benjamin A. Thuma},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physik A Atoms and Nuclei},

The periodic table of the elements: the search for transactinides and beyond

The periodic table of Mendeleev, initially proposed on the basis of 66 elements, and containing 82 elements at the time of Moseley (1887–1915), describes nowadays 118 elements. The huge challenge of

Systematics of heavy ion fusion with entrance channel and deformation parameters

We have presented the systematics of fusion evaporation with deformation and entrance channel parameters based on 107 experiments in the pre-actinide, actinide, and superheavy region. The

Theoretical study of evaporation-residue cross sections of superheavy nuclei

Based on the empirical coupled-channel model for calculating capture cross section and the statistical model for calculating survival probability, we propose an analytical formula for describing the

Nickelgruppe: Elemente der zehnten Nebengruppe

Mangangruppe: Elemente der siebten Nebengruppe

Vanadiumgruppe: Elemente der fünften Nebengruppe

The transuranic elements and the island of stability

  • Kit Chapman
  • Physics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2020
This review shall look at the historical developments that led to the field of element discovery, the attempts to discover superheavy elements in nature based on the island of stability, and the subsequent successful synthesis of elements and the implications of their half-lives and properties.

Nuclear Data Sheets for A=254

  • Balraj Singh
  • Environmental Science, Physics
    Nuclear Data Sheets
  • 2019

Exploring the production of new superheavy nuclei with proton and α -particle evaporation channels

Excitation functions for fusion-$xn$ evaporation reaction channels induced by $^{48}\mathrm{Ca}$ as well as by heavier projectiles (usually leading to smaller cross sections) on actinide targets were

Evolution of the periodic table through the synthesis of new elements

Abstract This brief introduction to the synthesis and chemistry of elements discovered since 1940 is focused primarily on Z=93–118. The goal of this work is not to simply catalogue the nuclear fusion



The influence of the fission barrier on the mass distribution in reactions with symmetric fragmentation

The mass distributions of reaction products with symmetric fragmentation resulting from the bombardment of144Sm,165Ho,175Lu,176Hf,181Ta, and208Pb with40Ar projectiles have been studied. The incident

Alpha decay studies of very neutron deficient isotopes of Hf, Ta, W, and Re

Very neutron deficient isotopes in the Hf-Re region were produced by bombarding targets of107, 109Ag,nat, 108, 110Pd, and103Rh with58Ni accelerated by the linear accelerator UNILAC at GSI. After

Experiments on the synthesis of element 107

Results are presented of experiments on the synthesis of the 107th element, which gives grounds for assuming that activity with T/sub 1///sub 2/ approx.5 sec is due to the spontaneous fission of the isotope /sup 257/105, which has a half-life of about 2 msec in a noticeable fraction of the events.