Identification of dorsal–ventral hippocampal differentiation in neonatal rats

  title={Identification of dorsal–ventral hippocampal differentiation in neonatal rats},
  author={Kally C. O’Reilly and Arnar Flatberg and Sobia Islam and Lene C. Olsen and Ingvild Ulsaker Kruge and Menno P Witter},
  journal={Brain Structure and Function},
The adult hippocampal formation (HF) is functionally, connectionally, and transcriptionally differentiated along the dorsal–ventral axis. At birth, the hippocampus appears shortened along its dorsal–ventral axis. We therefore questioned at what postnatal age the differentiated dorsal–ventral hippocampus is present. We first established that the ventral tissue in the short postnatal hippocampus remains ventral in the adult-like hippocampus. Second, using anatomical tracing techniques we report… CONTINUE READING