Identification of cross‐reaction patterns in allergic contact dermatitis from topical corticosteroids

  title={Identification of cross‐reaction patterns in allergic contact dermatitis from topical corticosteroids},
  author={S. Coopman and H. Degreef and A. Dooms-Goossens},
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  • S. Coopman, H. Degreef, A. Dooms-Goossens
  • Published 1989
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Dermatology
  • Contact allergy to topical corticosteroids occurs more frequently than previously supposed. Cross‐allergic phenomena are common. On the basis of a review of the literature and our own patch test data on 15 patients, we conclude that positive patchtests to corticosteroids occur approximately six to seven times more frequently in well‐defined groups of structurally‐related substances than between corticosteroids of different groups. An analogous substitution pattern on the steroid D‐ring or the… CONTINUE READING
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