Identification of connexin43 as a functional target for Wnt signalling.

  title={Identification of connexin43 as a functional target for Wnt signalling.},
  author={Marcel A G van der Heyden and Martin B. Rook and Monique M P Hermans and Gert Rijksen and Johannes Boonstra and Libert H.K Defize and Olivier H. J. Destr{\'e}e},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={111 ( Pt 12)},
Wnt mediated signal transduction is considered to regulate activity of target genes. In Xenopus embryos, ectopic Wnt1 and Wnt8 expression induces gap-junctional communication. During murine brain formation, Wnt1 and the gap-junctional protein connexin43 (Cx43) are co-expressed at the mid/hindbrain border, while interference with Wnt1 or Cx43 expression during embryogenesis leads to severe brain defects in the mid/hindbrain region. In PC12 cells, Wnt1 expression leads to an apparent increase in… CONTINUE READING
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