Identification of biomarkers associated with migraine with aura.

  title={Identification of biomarkers associated with migraine with aura.},
  author={Eiichiro Nagata and Hidenori Hattori and Mamoru Kato and Saiko Ogasawara and Shigeaki Suzuki and Mamoru Shibata and Toshihiko Shimizu and Junichi Hamada and Takashi Osada and Rie Takaoka and Masataka Kuwana and Tatsuhiko Tsunoda and Sadakazu Aiso and Shunya Takizawa and Norihiro Suzuki and Shigeharu Takagi},
  journal={Neuroscience research},
  volume={64 1},
The diagnosis of migraine can sometimes be difficult because some patients do not fulfill the International Headache Society's criteria for migraine. Hence, an accurate and reliable diagnostic marker for migraine is required. In this study, lymphocytes were used to establish Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-immortalized lymphoblast cell lines, which were then analyzed using a differential cRNA microarray analysis. The gene expression results were validated using real-time polymerase chain reaction… CONTINUE READING