[Identification of an unknown body by means of osteosynthesis material].


The present case describes the identification of an unknown corpse recovered from water by means of two osteosynthesis plates with serial numbers. This method of identification is compared with the pros and cons of other possibilities of identification using medical findings. Although in Western Europe osteosynthesis material is normally removed some months after the operation, autoptic exposure of a suspicious bone may occasionally allow valid, fast and convenient identification of the body, especially if osteosynthesis material with different serial numbers was used.

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@article{Hartung2011IdentificationOA, title={[Identification of an unknown body by means of osteosynthesis material].}, author={Benno Hartung and Harald Kummerow and Wolfgang Huckenbeck}, journal={Archiv für Kriminologie}, year={2011}, volume={227 1-2}, pages={43-7} }