Identification of abnormal stem cells using Raman spectroscopy.

  title={Identification of abnormal stem cells using Raman spectroscopy.},
  author={Linda Harkness and Sergey M Novikov and Jonas Beermann and Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi and Moustapha Kassem},
  journal={Stem cells and development},
  volume={21 12},
The clinical use of stem cells in cell-based therapeutics for degenerative diseases requires development of criteria for defining normal stem cells to ensure safe transplantation. Currently, identification of abnormal from normal stem cells is based on extensive ex vivo and in vivo testing. Raman microscopy is a label-free method for rapid and sensitive detection of changes in cells' bio-molecular composition. Here, we report that by using Raman spectroscopy, we were able to map the… CONTINUE READING