Identification of a keratinocarcinoma cell line expressing AQP3.

  title={Identification of a keratinocarcinoma cell line expressing AQP3.},
  author={Masamichi Nakakoshi and Yoshiyuki Morishita and Keitaro Usui and Mamitaro Ohtsuki and Kenichi Ishibashi},
  journal={Biology of the cell},
  volume={98 2},
BACKGROUND INFORMATION AQP3 (aquaporin 3) in the skin is important for skin moisture as demonstrated by the studies of AQP3-null mice, which have accelerated skin drying. Prevention of dry skin is important not only from a cosmetic but also from a clinical point of view. Primary keratinocyte cultures are cumbersome for screening substances that modulate AQP3 expression. RESULTS A human keratocarcinoma cell line was found to express AQP3 mRNA and protein, which responded to hypertonic… CONTINUE READING

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