Identification of a common immune signature in murine and human systemic Salmonellosis.

  title={Identification of a common immune signature in murine and human systemic Salmonellosis.},
  author={Seung-Joo Lee and Li Liang and Silvia Ju{\'a}rez and Minelva R. Nanton and Esther N. Gondwe and Chisomo L. Msefula and Matthew A. Kayala and Francesca Necchi and Jennifer N. Heath and Peter Hart and Ren{\'e}e M Tsolis and Robert S Heyderman and Calman A MacLennan and Philip L. Felgner and D. Huw Davies and Stephen J McSorley},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={109 13},
Despite the importance of Salmonella infections in human and animal health, the target antigens of Salmonella-specific immunity remain poorly defined. We have previously shown evidence for antibody-mediating protection against invasive Salmonellosis in mice and African children. To generate an overview of antibody targeting in systemic Salmonellosis, a Salmonella proteomic array containing over 2,700 proteins was constructed and probed with immune sera from Salmonella-infected mice and humans… CONTINUE READING

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