Identification of a Wnt/Dvl/β-Catenin → Pitx2 Pathway Mediating Cell-Type-Specific Proliferation during Development

  title={Identification of a Wnt/Dvl/β-Catenin → Pitx2 Pathway Mediating Cell-Type-Specific Proliferation during Development},
  author={C. Kioussi and P. Briata and S. Baek and D. W. Rose and N. Hamblet and T. Herman and K. Ohgi and C. Lin and A. Gleiberman and J. Wang and V. Brault and P. Ruiz-Lozano and H. Nguyen and R. Kemler and C. Glass and A. Wynshaw-Boris and M. Rosenfeld},
  • C. Kioussi, P. Briata, +14 authors M. Rosenfeld
  • Published 2002
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell
  • Understanding the cell type-specific molecular mechanisms by which distinct signaling pathways combinatorially control proliferation during organogenesis is a central issue in development and disease. Here, we report that the bicoid-related transcription factor Pitx2 is rapidly induced by the Wnt/Dvl/beta-catenin pathway and is required for effective cell-type-specific proliferation by directly activating specific growth-regulating genes. Regulated exchange of HDAC1/beta-catenin converts Pitx2… CONTINUE READING
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