Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor specifically responsive to beta-alanine.

  title={Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor specifically responsive to beta-alanine.},
  author={Tokuyuki Shinohara and Masataka Harada and Kazuhiro Ogi and Minoru Maruyama and Ryo Fujii and Hideyuki Tanaka and Shoji Fukusumi and Hidetoshi Komatsu and Masaki Hosoya and Yuko Noguchi and Takuya Watanabe and Takeo Moriya and Yasuaki Itoh and Shuji Hinuma},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={279 22},
We isolated a cDNA encoding an orphan G protein-coupled receptor, TGR7, which has been recently reported to correspond to MrgD. To search for ligands for TGR7, we screened a series of small molecule compounds by detecting the Ca2+ influx in Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing TGR7. Through this screening, we found that beta-alanine at micromolar doses specifically evoked Ca2+ influx in cells expressing human, rat, or mouse TGR7. A structural analogue, gamma-aminobutyric acid, weakly… CONTINUE READING


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