Identification of Xenopus cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, p16Xic2 and p17Xic3.

  title={Identification of Xenopus cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, p16Xic2 and p17Xic3.},
  author={Maki Daniels and Vishal Dhokia and Laurent Richard-Parpaillon and Shin-ichi Ohnuma},
  volume={342 1},
The Cip/Kip family of mammalian cyclin-dependent kinase (cdk) inhibitors plays important roles in development, particularly in cell fate determination and differentiation, in addition to their function of blocking cell cycle progression. We have identified two novel members of the Kip/Cip cdk inhibitor family, p16Xic2 and p17Xic3, from Xenopus laevis. Sequence analysis revealed that p16Xic2 and p17Xic3 are orthologues of mammalian p21Cip1 and p27Kip1, respectively. Overexpression of these… CONTINUE READING

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