Identification of Vibrio hollisae sp. nov. from patients with diarrhea.

  title={Identification of Vibrio hollisae sp. nov. from patients with diarrhea.},
  author={F W Hickman and Jim J Farmer and Dannie G. Hollis and G. Richard Fanning and Arnold G. Steigerwalt and R. L. Weaver and Don J. Brenner},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={15 3},
The name Vibrio hollisae (synonym = Special Bacteriology group EF-13) is proposed for a new group of 16 strains that occurred in stool cultures of patients with diarrhea. V. hollisae is a small gram-negative rod, which is motile with a single polar flagellum. No lateral or peritrichous flagella were observed, even when it was grown on a solid medium. Sodium chloride is required for growth, so V. hollisae is a halophilic vibrio. Strains were positive (36 degrees C, 24 or 48 h) for oxidase… CONTINUE READING


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