Identification of TET1 Partners That Control Its DNA-Demethylating Function.

  title={Identification of TET1 Partners That Control Its DNA-Demethylating Function.},
  author={Pierre-François Cartron and Arulraj Nadaradjane and Fiona Lepape and Lisenn Lalier and Betty Gardie and François Marie Vallette},
  journal={Genes & cancer},
  volume={4 5-6},
Several recent reports have identified TET1 as the main enzyme modulating DNA methylation and gene transcription via hydroxylation of 5-methylcytosine. However, little is known about the protein network that controls TET1 activity. By using a new proximity ligation in situ assay, we identified MeCP2, HDAC1/6/7, EZH2, mSin3A, PCNA, and LSD1 as TET1-interacting proteins. We also discerned that TET1/PCNA acts as a demethylator of the cyclical methylation/demethylation process, the perturbation of… CONTINUE READING

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