Identification of Strongly Correlated Spin Liquid in Herbertsmithite

  title={Identification of Strongly Correlated Spin Liquid in Herbertsmithite},
  author={Vasily R. Shaginyan and Alfred Z. Msezane and Konstantin G. Popov and George S. Japaridze and Vladimir Stephanovich},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
Exotic quantum spin liquid (QSL) is formed with such hypothetic particles as fermionic spinons carrying spin 1/2 and no charge. Here we calculate its thermodynamic and relaxation properties. Our calculations unveil the fundamental properties of QSL, forming strongly correlated Fermi system located at a fermion condensation quantum phase transition. These are in a good agreement with experimental data and allow us to detect the behavior of QSL as that observed in heavy fermion metals. We predict… 
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