[Identification of Spatial Coding Schemes by Errors Distribuition of Human Memory].


The error distributions of sensory screen touches at kinesthetically memorization and reproduction of visual stimuli containing Muller-Lyer illusion and neutral stimuli were investigated. One group of right-handers begins the task with the right hand and continues with the left one, while the other group--vice versa. It was shown that the errors are distributed either exponentially (with the maximal amount of small errors) either with the maxima at the 2nd bin. The number of errors distributions decaying exponentially is higher for the group beginning the task with the right hand. The errors distributions of touches on the upper segment by the right hand decay exponentially faster than other distributions. Comparison of these data with the simulation results supports the hypothesis of specific for the right and left hemisphere positional and vector coding schemes at human memory.

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@article{Lyakhovetskii2015IdentificationOS, title={[Identification of Spatial Coding Schemes by Errors Distribuition of Human Memory].}, author={Vsevolod Lyakhovetskii and Valeria Karpinskaia and E. V. Bobrova}, journal={Zhurnal vyssheĭ nervnoĭ deiatelnosti imeni I P Pavlova}, year={2015}, volume={65 4}, pages={429-35} }