Identification of SH Deltav=1 Ro-vibrational Lines in R Andromedae.

  title={Identification of SH Deltav=1 Ro-vibrational Lines in R Andromedae.},
  author={Yamamura and Kawaguchi and Ridgway},
  journal={The Astrophysical journal},
  volume={528 1},
We report the identification of SH Deltav=1 ro-vibrational lines in the published high-resolution infrared spectrum of the S-type star R Andromedae. This is the first astronomical detection of this molecule. The lines show inverse P Cygni profiles, indicating infall motion of the molecular layer due to stellar pulsation. A simple spherical shell model with a constant infall velocity is adopted to determine the condition of the layer. It is found that a single excitation temperature of 2200 K… Expand