Identification of Plasmodium vivax-like human malaria parasite.

  title={Identification of Plasmodium vivax-like human malaria parasite.},
  author={Shoukat H. Qari and Ya Ping Shi and Ira F. Goldman and Venkatachalam Udhayakumar and Michael P. Alpers and William E. Collins and Altaf A. Lal},
  volume={341 8848},
There are four species of human malarial parasite and several monkey ones, and in evolutionary terms the human and non-human primate plasmodia may be related. The tools of molecular biology have lately pointed to the existence of two types of Plasmodium vivax. Using specific oligonucleotides we have identified a human malaria parasite resembling P vivax under the microscope but with circumsporozoite (CS) protein differing from those of P vivax types 1 and 2. The CS protein of this "P vivax-like… CONTINUE READING