Identification of Parametric Underspread Linear Systems and Super-Resolution Radar

  title={Identification of Parametric Underspread Linear Systems and Super-Resolution Radar},
  author={Waheed Uz Zaman Bajwa and Kfir Gedalyahu and Yonina C. Eldar},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing},
Identification of time-varying linear systems, which introduce both time-shifts (delays) and frequency-shifts (Doppler-shifts), is a central task in many engineering applications. This paper studies the problem of identification of underspread linear systems (ULSs), whose responses lie within a unit-area region in the delay-Doppler space, by probing them with a known input signal. It is shown that sufficiently-underspread parametric linear systems, described by a finite set of delays and… CONTINUE READING
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