Identification of NephrotoxicPenicillium Species from Cereal Grains

  title={Identification of NephrotoxicPenicillium Species from Cereal Grains},
  author={Jessica T Mills and Jens C Frisvad and Keith A. Seifert and David L Abramson},
  journal={Mycotoxin Research},
A system is described for identifying grain-inhabiting nephrotoxicPenicillium spp. based on their colony characters on Czapek yeast extract agar, yeast extract sucrose agar, and malt extract agar media, and their secondary metabolite profiles on thin layer chromatography plates. Using this system, the identity of 11Penicillium species, or their chemotypes, producing nephrotoxic metabolites could be confirmed. The species areP. verrucosum chemotype I, P.verrucosum chemotype II,P. expansum, P… CONTINUE READING