Identification of Leishmania genes encoding proteins containing tandemly repeating peptides

  title={Identification of Leishmania genes encoding proteins containing tandemly repeating peptides},
  author={Anne E. Wallis and W. Robert McMaster},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={1814 - 1824}
A genomic Leishmania major DNA expression library was screened using antibodies raised against L. major membranes. Two different clones were identified that encoded proteins containing regions of tandemly repeated peptides. Clone 20 encodes a repetitive peptide of 14 amino acids, while clone 39 encodes a repetitive peptide of 10 amino acids. DNA from clone 20 hybridized with two RNA species of 9,500 and 5,200 nucleotides in length, while DNA from clone 39 hybridized to a single RNA species of 7… CONTINUE READING

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