Identification of HIV1 determinants for T lymphoid cell line infection.

  title={Identification of HIV1 determinants for T lymphoid cell line infection.},
  author={Antonio Garrido Carrillo and D. Brad Trowbridge and Peter Westervelt and L. S. Ratner},
  volume={197 2},
Determinants responsible for HIV-1 infection of T lymphoid cell lines were identified by functional analysis of chimeric proviral clones derived from T-cell line tropic-(HXB2) and non-T-cell line-tropic isolates (YU2, ADA). Replacement of the HXB2 V3 envelope loop sequence with that derived from YU2 resulted in a virus that is no longer T cell line-tropic. However, the reciprocal replacement using HXB2 V3 loop sequences did not confer upon either ADA or YU2 envelope proteins the ability to… CONTINUE READING

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