Identification of Dw1, a Regulator of Sorghum Stem Internode Length

  title={Identification of Dw1, a Regulator of Sorghum Stem Internode Length},
  author={Josie L Hilley and Sandra K. Truong and Sara Jane Olson and Daryl T. Morishige and John Mullet},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Sorghum is an important C4 grain and grass crop used for food, feed, forage, sugar, and biofuels. In its native Africa, sorghum landraces often grow to approximately 3-4 meters in height. Following introduction into the U.S., shorter, early flowering varieties were identified and used for production of grain. Quinby and Karper identified allelic variation at four loci designated Dw1-Dw4 that regulated plant height by altering the length of stem internodes. The current study used a map-based… CONTINUE READING