Identification of DNA markers linked to the male sex in dioecious hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

  title={Identification of DNA markers linked to the male sex in dioecious hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)},
  author={G. Mandolino and A. Carboni and S. Forapani and V. Faeti and P. Ranalli},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
  • G. Mandolino, A. Carboni, +2 authors P. Ranalli
  • Published 1999
  • Biology
  • Theoretical and Applied Genetics
  • Abstract A 400-bp RAPD marker generated by a primer of random decamer sequence has been found associated with the male sex phenotype in 14 dioecious cultivars and accessions of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). [...] Key Result The primer OPA8 generates a set of bands, most of which polymorphic among all the individual plants tested, and 1 of which, named OPA8400, present in all male plants and absent in female plants.Expand Abstract
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