Identification of Cytosolic Leucyl Aminopeptidase (EC as the Major Cysteinylglycine-Hydrolysing Activity in Rat Liver

  title={Identification of Cytosolic Leucyl Aminopeptidase (EC as the Major Cysteinylglycine-Hydrolysing Activity in Rat Liver},
  author={C. J{\"o}sch and L. Klotz and H. Sies},
  booktitle={Biological chemistry},
  • C. Jösch, L. Klotz, H. Sies
  • Published in Biological chemistry 2003
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Abstract Cysteinylglycine hydrolysis is a step in the metabolism of glutathione and glutathione S-conjugates. We had previously observed that in rat liver the enzymatic activity is predominantly located in the cytosol. Here we demonstrate that cytosolic leucyl aminopeptidase (EC is the major cysteinylglycine hydrolysing activity in rat liver. Evidence was obtained from the use of peptidase inhibitors and from immunoprecipitation studies using Pansorbin-coupled antibodies raised… CONTINUE READING
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