Identification of Catalytically Active Groups of Penicillium canescens F-436 β-Galactosidase

  title={Identification of Catalytically Active Groups of Penicillium canescens F-436 $\beta$-Galactosidase},
  author={O. Korneeva and N. A. Zherebtsov and I. V. Cheryomushkina},
  journal={Biochemistry (Moscow)},
The functional groups of Penicillium canescens F-436 b-galactosidase have been identified. The pK values and heats of ionization of these groups and photoinactivation of the enzyme with methylene blue indicate that the active site contains carboxyl and imidazole groups. A mechanism for the participation of these groups in the cleavage of the glycoside bond in lactose is proposed. 
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