Identification of CELF1 RNA targets by CLIP-seq in human HeLa cells

  title={Identification of CELF1 RNA targets by CLIP-seq in human HeLa cells},
  author={Olivier Le Tonqu{\`e}ze and B Gschloessl and Vincent Legagneux and Luc Paillard and Yann Audic},
  booktitle={Genomics data},
The specific interactions between RNA-binding proteins and their target RNAs are an essential level to control gene expression. By combining ultra-violet cross-linking and immunoprecipitation (CLIP) and massive SoliD sequencing we identified the RNAs bound by the RNA-binding protein CELF1, in human HeLa cells. The CELF1 binding sites deduced from the sequence data allow characterizing specific features of CELF1-RNA association. We present therefore the first map of CELF1 binding sites in human… CONTINUE READING


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