Identification of Bifidobacterium species using rep-PCR fingerprinting.

  title={Identification of Bifidobacterium species using rep-PCR fingerprinting.},
  author={Liesbeth Masco and Geert Huys and Dirk Gevers and Leen Verbrugghen and Jean Swings},
  journal={Systematic and applied microbiology},
  volume={26 4},
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the use of repetitive DNA element PCR fingerprinting (rep-PCR) for the taxonomic discrimination among the currently described species within the genus Bifidobacterium. After evaluating several primer sets targeting the repetitive DNA elements BOX, ERIC, (GTG)s and REP, the BOXA1R primer was found to be the most optimal choice for the establishment of a taxonomical framework of 80 Bifidobacterium type and reference strains. Subsequently, the BOX-PCR… CONTINUE READING