Identification of BCOX1, a novel gene overexpressed in breast cancer.

  title={Identification of BCOX1, a novel gene overexpressed in breast cancer.},
  author={Jin Shou Song and Wanjun Yang and Ie-Ming Shih and Zhen Zhang and Jining Bai},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1760 1},
The identification of tumor-associated antigens, which are specifically expressed in cancer tissues, is of utmost important for immunotherapy of breast cancer. We have combined in silico screening and experimental expression analysis to identify genes that are differentially expressed in breast carcinomas compared with their corresponding normal tissues. Using these approaches, we identified a novel gene, BCOX1, with overexpression in breast carcinoma. BCOX1 was highly homologous to KIAA0100, a… CONTINUE READING
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