Identification of Armillaria nabsnona in gastrodia tubers.

  title={Identification of Armillaria nabsnona in gastrodia tubers.},
  author={Haruo Sekizaki and Shiro Kuninaga and Mizuho Yamamoto and Sandra Naomi Asazu and Satoko Sawa and Mareshige Kojoma and Ryozo Yokosawa and Naotoshi Yoshida},
  journal={Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={31 7},
The symbiosis between Armillaria species and an achlorophylous orchid Gastrodia elata BLUME has been reported. The main species described as a symbiont is Armillaria mellea (VAHL: FR.) KUMMER, known widely as a primary root rot pathogen. Samples collected from the rhizomorphs attached to the tuber of G. elata were separated and analyzed. Molecular analysis based on sequencing of the intergenic spacer 1 (IGS-1) and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions of the ribosomal DNA (rDNA) was… CONTINUE READING