Identification and morphogenesis of the eminentia thalami in the zebrafish.

  title={Identification and morphogenesis of the eminentia thalami in the zebrafish.},
  author={Mario F. Wullimann and Thomas Mueller},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={471 1},
This study documents early zebrafish brain expression patterns (2-5 days postfertilization) of proliferating neural (PCNA) as well as early-determined (Pax6, Zash-1a, Zash-1b, neurogenin1, neuroD) and differentiating (Hu-proteins) neuronal cells. These patterns are used to outline the spatiotemporal local dynamics of secondary neurogenesis as well as neuronal migration and differentiation in the region of the eminentia thalami. The analysis presented not only allows identification for the first… CONTINUE READING
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