Identification and localization of label-retaining cells in hamster epithelia.

  title={Identification and localization of label-retaining cells in hamster epithelia.},
  author={Jackie R. Bickenbach and Ian Campbell Mackenzie},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={82 6},
A subpopulation of basal epithelial cells which retains tritiated thymidine label for extended periods was previously demonstrated in skin and oral mucosae of mice. The present study examined the presence of similar cells in hamsters. Five-day-old hamsters were labeled with tritiated thymidine and the rate at which label was diluted from the basal cells observed. A small percentage of basal cells was found to retain label for up to 69 days. The location of such label-retaining cells ( LRCs ) in… CONTINUE READING

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